About Us

Allison Casper Adams and Blake Casper have never known a time when their family was not involved with McDonald's. Their father Joe joined his father Fritz in the business the year Allison was born. Three years after Blake's birth, Joe bought his father out and became the sole operator of Caspers Company's 14 McDonald's restaurants.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University Law School in 1995, Allison and her husband Robby Adams both joined Caspers Company and enrolled in the second-generation operator program (only because a third-generation program did not exist). They worked in operations as assistant managers, store managers, and area supervisors. In 1999, they opened their first restaurant. Today they own two locations and Allison is a partner with Blake in Caspers Company.

Blake Casper joined the company in 1996 after graduating from the London School of Economics. He entered the operator program and worked as an assistant manager, manager, and supervisor. In 1998, Blake became operations manager for seven restaurants in St. Petersburg. A year later, he purchased the original Caspers Company McDonald's from Joe.

In late 2000, a new chapter opened for Caspers Company when Blake purchased 13 restaurants in Tallahassee. Thirteen soon became 27 as Blake and his team catapulted the restaurants to success.

Following his father's death in 2005, Blake assumed the role of chairman and CEO of Caspers Company. Blake and Allison's vision for Caspers Company is based firmly in the solid principles of business and community learned from Joe; they face the future with a razor-sharp focus on innovation, strategic growth, and a commitment to excellence.

Both Allison and Blake are very active in the community. Allison is a member of the Women's Operator Network and she is on the board of the Tampa Museum of Art and the Board of Junior Achievement. Blake is a member of the McDonald's Political Action Committee, the Young President's Organization, and he is a board member for the Florida Restaurant Association and Tampa General Hospital.